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During import and customs clearance, you must provide the following documents:
Sanitary certificate, importing enterprises commodity inspection certificate, product’s certificate of origin, import contract, information on product’s label (CIQ)
There are different processes for cosmetics and other products in the following:
Before the cargo is transported, the importing party needs to bring documents concerning the product to the commodity inspection and testing bureau for reference.
 After it’s been passed, a reference number will be given.
The required software must then be downloaded after the reference number is received.
Information on the product must be sent to commodity inspection and testing bureau through the internet to finish the procedures.
 After the commodity inspection and testing bureau reply, then the procedures are successful.
Customs clearance and inspection must be made after the cargo has reached the port.
Customs also will need to examine and test a sample of the product.
Each product must have an ICQ label then can it be put into shops.
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