Shanghai Senxun International Transportation Agencies Co.Ltd was established in 2005. This company has a variety of professional services which consists of managing industrial chemical products, textile, office products, rubber and plastic, metals and machinery, etc. After many years of experience and innovation, the Senxun crew are confident in providing flexible and wide range of foreign trade services for manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, our company can also act as an agency for customs clearance and inspection, international transportation (air, sea, railway transportation; express delivery; etc) and provide whole international operations. Since the beginning of our company, we have kept our integrity and principles, putting our customers’ interest first, continuously improving the contents of our services, enhancing the quality of our services and passionately making our company more well-known. Our company rely on goodwill, the excellence of talented people, strict managing and a broad network to provide our domestic and international customers with high quality services, as well as gaining public praise.
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